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Stuff Dutch People Bake, boek

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Heel leuk boek! Stuff Dutch People Bake, Engelstalig

De leukste recepten om de echt Hollandse klassiekers te bakken. Van boterkoek tot drop. Afgewisseld met leuke weetjes over Nederland(ers) is dit en zeer mooi en smaakvol geschenk.  

From the bestselling Stuff Dutch People Like series, comes this exciting new cookbook celebrating the art of Dutch sweet treats. Stuff Dutch People BAKE contains 45 recipes of your favourite, delicious and traditional baked goods & desserts from the Netherlands —everything from cookies to bread, tarts, pies, cakes and more!

Peppered with fun facts about Dutch culture and history, this book and its easy-to-make recipes will have you whipping up Oma’s classic appeltaart in no time. Whether you’ve tried Dutch baking before or are new to the kitchen, with Stuff Dutch People BAKE you are only one recipe away from surprising your friends and family with fresh stroopwafels, chewy pepernoten, or a delectable kersenvlaai


Stuff Dutch People Bake, boek

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